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Saturday, February 26, 2011

34% of Americans Have No Retirement Savings

By Lee Barney, Money Management Executive

February 3, 2011

Just over one-third, 34%, of Americans have no retirement savings, and 27% have no personal savings, a November 2010 survey of 2,151 by The Harris Poll found.

These figures are slightly higher than 18 months ago, when 30% had no retirement savings and 22% had no personal savings.

Among Baby Boomers, aged 46 to 64, 25% have no retirement savings, and among Matures, those aged 65 and over, 22% have no retirement savings.

Of the Baby Boomers and Matures who have retirement savings, 13% of them have the money invested in stocks and mutual funds, a greater proportion than Gen Xers, who are between the ages of 34 and 45.

“Current economic conditions seem to be driving somewhat less risky investment behavior by Gen Xers, which goes against the grain of traditional investment advice,” said Barbara Bertner, vice president of financial services research for Harris Interactive. “A combination of trust and education would likely bring these consumers back into alignment with traditional investment thinking.”

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