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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I appreciate the mention from Time: The 25 Best Financial Blogs. Professor Hamilton's introduction to my blog was much too kind. Thanks!

The editors at asked if I'd write a review of one of the other blogs on their list, although they wouldn't tell me who was on the list. They asked me to send them a short list of blogs I'd like to write a review for, and then they'd pick one.

The top two blogs on my short list were Hamilton's Econbrowser (with Menzie Chinn), and Mark Thoma's EconomistsView(with Tim Duy who writes FedWatch) - two of my favorite economic blogs. I'm shocked that EconomistsView is not on the list.

I wish I'd written a better review of Econbrowser - I was under the weather last week, and they edited my piece extensively (it needed editing).

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